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What if there was a way to make you and your business stand out from the competition; to create a personal tipping point that makes you the #1 choice among customers and prospects?


What if you could be seen as the authority in your industry for the services you offer….. the “go-to” person that people want to work with and hire?


At Authority Media Agency that is exactly what we solve for professionals. We help you claim your authority by positioning you as an educator and advocate for the success of your clients in the national media.


We’ve had a 100% success rate with authority marketing for all kinds of people in all kinds of industries. We achieve this for our clients by implementing a very specific media and publishing strategy that includes making Best Selling Authors and National Media Exposure on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & hundreds more.

What Media Major Exposure and Publishing Does…


Establish authority status & maximize revenues from your current exposure.


Demands attention & forces them to put you ahead of the competition.


Increases conversion rates & puts more money in your pocket month after month, year after year.

Stand Out from the Crowd!

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Here’s How It Works…

What we ask you for:

Being quoted by the media has been used as a vital part of marketing for decades, but often times reserved only for the rich and famous. Well now we’ve cracked the media code and are leveling the playing field so that you can enjoy the same CREDIBILITY, TRUST and AUTHORITY as the stars, but without having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Step 1


We’ll book you for a 30-minute interview on our nationally syndicated radio/podcast show, Business Innovators Radio, that specifically positions you as an authority in your marketplace and educator/advocate for the success of your clients.


Your expert interview will be with Award Winning Journalist and show host Chad T. Collins, then syndicated out across iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher and YouTube.

Step 2


Your Expert Interview will be published in an upcoming release of the Kindle book, Local Business Mavericks, on Amazon. You’ll get full credit as a contributing author. We 100% guarantee Local Business Mavericks will hit best seller status on Amazon. From that moment on, you will forever be known as a Best Selling Author.


Being a published author enhances your visibility, attracts pre-qualified prospects and opens doors of profit and opportunity.

Step 3


We’ll release a media announcement about you hitting the Amazon Best Seller List to hundreds of websites including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliate stations.


This means you will be positioned as a leading professional in your industry on the websites of the most influential media companies in the world. You can use “As Seen On” logos on all your marketing materials and social media pictures.


Use our COPY & PASTE Exposure campaign for social media and email to maximize your exposure and establish stronger authority positioning with your prospects, resulting in higher perceived value and more sales.

As Seen On Media and Publishing

Become The Authority In Your Industry.

Being featured in National Media and Top Tier trusted sources sets you apart. It showcases your strengths and story in a way that nothing else can. It shares the narrative that you control, that you can use to position yourself as an authority in your industry. Fact is, a person or a business needs to really set themselves apart from the rest of the competition in order to stay ahead. Our 3-step Media and Publishing Strategy will position you as an expert, educator, and advocate for the success of your prospects and clients. We brand you in such a unique and authentic way that it makes it easy for prospects to choose you over your competitors.

What we ask you for:

  • 15 minute Authority Positioning call to discover your perfect prospect and discuss how we will position you as the “Educator & Advocate” for the success of your prospects and clients
  • 30 minutes for the Expert Interview Radio Show call (we will prep in advance)
  • 60 days to get you featured on ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX, publish your book chapter, and make you a Best Selling Author

What you get:

  • “As Seen On” media logo marketing makeover
  • Screenshots and distribution report of all media channel pickups
  • Cut & Paste full marketing strategy to use at every step of the process
  • Trust is gained immediately instead of taking months or years
  • Able to raise fees for products and services
  • Differentiate from competitors in a way prospects can easily identify
  • Done-For-You Best Selling Book, in your own words, without you having to struggle to write a book
  • Much, much more……

There are very few things that have the power to transform your business and career to a whole new level…. Having media placement and your own Best Selling book is one of them.


When you have your own best selling book, suddenly, people who you thought were previously unreachable, are now paying attention to you and even calling you to do business with you. Doors will open for you with amazing opportunities inside that you didn’t even know existed.


You becoming a Best Selling Author leads to the bigger stage, higher paying clients, and top tier opportunities.


Just imagine meeting a potential client and when they ask what you do, you reply, “I’m a Best Selling Author on [your industry] and [what you do].  Being introduced as a Best Selling Author creates instant credibility and trust.

  • You schedule your “authority interview” with us
  • We transcribe, edit, and include your chapter in Local Business Mavericks
  • We publish Local Business Mavericks on Amazon & make it a Best Seller
  • Your “authority news release” gets sent out to hundreds of media outlets
  • We send you the 100% real, working links
  • You get our Copy & Paste Exposure campaign for social media and email to maximize your exposure, and get perfect prospects to call you.

Barbara Corcoran: The Best PR Move I Ever Made

The real estate entrepreneur and reality TV star shares her experience and insight into PR and Authority Marketing in an in-depth interview with Inc.’s Scott Gerber. Being seen as an authority and being the industry expert is the quickest way to gain market share.

“When you are constantly quoted as the expert in your field, everybody believes that you are.”

~ Barbara Corcoran

For A Low, One Time Fee, You Can Use These Media Logo “TRUST TRIGGERS” EVERYWHERE

(And You’ll Want To As They’re Super POWERFUL)



Facebook Page

Twitter Profile

Offline Ads

Newspapers / Mag / Flyers


Business Cards


But Remember
This Is NOT…

  • A way to flood your site with traffic
  • An SEO, PPC marketing strategy
  • A “magic bullet” that will convert every lead into a sale
  • Getting you on the front pages of the “Big 4”
  • Making you a celebrity overnight

This is a Conversion Strategy that skyrockets your chances of drawing in new, lucrative business.

“The simple truth is, if you aren’t deliberately, systematically, methodically – or rapidly and dramatically – establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you’re asleep at the wheel, ignoring what is fueling the entire economy around you, neglecting development of a measurably valuable asset.”

Dan S. Kennedy – the Godfather of Direct Marketing

You Get These Special Bonuses
For Being Bold and Taking Action Now…

Bonus 1 – Profile In Online Magazine 

Our journalists will take your interview and turn it into a powerful written profile in an online magazine, where you will be featured alongside leaders like Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Jeff Bezos!

Bonus 2 – Social Media Makeover (and custom magazine cover)

The value is all in how you LOOK and Appear to clients and prospects. Our Branding Architect will create a powerful profile picture and cover photo for social media use featuring the media “trust trigger” logos. Since your prospects and clients are already on social media, it is another way for you to stand out from the “me toos” in your industry.

You will also receive your picture on our magazine cover along with the title from the article that is written based on your expert interview.

Bonus 3 – Authority Building Swipe File

We’ll give you our proven library of social media and email swipe files to maximize the authority building power of each step of the process. Many of our past authors have claimed that it was responsible for their most popular social media posts of all time.

You’ll be able to engage and re-engage prospects and past clients, and build a magnetic attraction and following.

Bonus 4 – Streaming Audio Player With Your Interview

Share your interview that was on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, and YouTube with all your website visitors through a sleek streaming player that can be embedded easily on your site.

Our Clients Love Our Secret System Because It
Builds Authority Status Fast!

“When it comes to educating people about Authority Positioning, Chad T. Collins is the best. After implementing his media and publishing strategy our revenues have skyrocketed.”

Richard K


“Chad T. Collins is the influencer behind my career change success. After exiting corporate America I began consulting within the same industry. The competition was fierce, and I was just another name with the knowledge. Once I decided to claim my authority I was finally able to attract jobs and command top dollar rates. I highly recommend these services to get ahead in your career.”

George Z

Project Manager

“Chad was pleasant and easy to work with. The value delivered is massive by comparison to cost. We were able to position ourselves as local industry leaders and therefore raise our prices all while becoming more selective with who we take on as clients.”

David B

Law Practice Owner

“Chad is a pro at helping first time authors become best sellers. I’m impressed with his communication and execution. Within 30 days the book was created, edited, formatted, published, and on Amazon. I saw that my authority article was in the big networks like ABC NBC CBS and FOX shortly after it was published. Even better, our local newspaper picked it up, along with other big news outlets like The Miami Herald and Boston Globe. I will surely use Authority Media Agency again. Thanks Chad!”

Victoria V

Real Estate

Our Iron-Clad 30 Day, No Questions Asked
100% Money Back Guarantee Is Simple…

What’s the pillar of a 5-Star Reputation? It is how a company stands behind the products and services they sell. It is how they handle things if you’re not satisfied…so… Here’s How We Stand Behind Our 5-Star Reputation…

Our Iron-Clad 30 day, No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee is simple. If you allow us to serve you and your business and see no increase in your media exposure within 30 days from full payment…we’ll refund you every dime…PERIOD. Just send us an email and that’s it

Authority Media & Publishing…The Secret Strategy To Boosting Your Sales, Dominating Your Market and Crushing Your Competition…

Frank Kern, Internet Marketing Expert & Master CopyWriter

“Media Authority is something every business and professional should have. It helps you stand out from the crowd and differentiates you as an expert in your field.”

Chad T. Collins, Founder of Authority Media Agency and 5-Star Publishing, Celebrity Journalist and Educator/Advocate for Gen Z and Special Needs Youth

“Using Authority Positioning for myself, I have been able to authentically leverage my industry knowledge and reverse engineered authority systems to leapfrog competition so that I can best serve my wonderful clients. This is how I went on to interview Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, work with Million Dollar Listing’s Chad Rogers, and help PGA Superstar Ernie Els with exposure for his charity. People want to do business with an authority. If I were to Google your name, how quickly would I be able to determine that you are the #1 choice?”

Richard Branson, Business Magnate, Billionaire & Founder of Virgin Group

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.”

Top Business Magazines Agree

This Is The Next Big Thing



Ok. Let’s Claim Your Authority!

There’s NO RISK.. You are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee!